Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fellowship in Biotechnology Training: from NC Biotech Center

$5000 awarded annually

  • Agricultural Biotechnology projects have relevance to agricultural biotechnology science, technology, and applications. Research using a cotton system or directly applicable to the cotton industry is encouraged, but not required.
  • Industry-Relevant Projects should directly involve pharmaceutical and/or biotechnology-related industry. Examples include research internships at companies, on-campus research on a problem in collaboration with a specific company, or research on applications demonstrably near commercialization.
  • Collaborative Projects should enable students to engage in research collaborations between different institutions and/or permit students to work on projects at site(s) outside their home institution. Interdisciplinary research collaborations are especially encouraged.
  • Regionally-Relevant Projects focus on problems relevant to the needs, and/or biotechnology-related industry important to a specific region in North Carolina (e.g., marine biotech, natural products).

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